Best Playstation Exclusives of all time

Top 20 Best PlayStation Exclusives of all time In 2022

If you are reading this article about the best PlayStation games of 2022, which happen to be the best PlayStation exclusives of all time in the popular gaming genre, then you are probably addicted towards games.

If you are a member of PlayStation Plus, you can get easy access to different range of free games of PlayStation every month which you can store to the cloud and can migrate to play on the computer. Isn’t it interesting?

Here we are going to reveal the top 20 Best PS4 Games ever which you cannot resist yourself to play in 2022 until Sony releases PlayStation 5.


Sony first officially released its PlayStation games for adults & kids in December 1994 in Japan. And since then it’s been more than 25 years. We have a lot of memories with Sony PlayStation classic games, hardware and its gaming console.

Although Sony has already released PS5 console on November 12th, 2020 in the selected countries such as United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico and South Korea. In the rest part of the country, it is being availed by the end of March 2022.

As per rumours and speculation that is being circulated, it can be assumed that we are going to be introduced something with new that we have never experienced.

Till then, we will get introduced with 20 best PlayStation games of all time ever landed on sony platform. These game will get us in our childhood to refresh our old memories.

Let’s get introduced to the best PlayStation exclusives of all time ever in 2022

1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Suppose you are a lover of the PlayStation game. Then you will not have to miss this best-selling fps franchise. It’s itself a kind of thrilling game where each player will be on secret operation with special forces and freedom fighters. Therefore, this has been unbeatable on the top PlayStation Exclusives of all time chart list.

call of duty modern warfare ps4 review

You will be experiencing how modern military engagement is on the battles of eliminating frill of zombies jetpacks etc.  

This game has been the best installment unit which has got tights shooting along with multiplayer mode. The modern title refers to the gear, weapons, and latest technology and gadgets that are being used in the middle east and Russia, which is harsh realities of today’s wars rather than being only science fiction.

2. Apex Legends Bloodhound Edition – Playstation 4

Apex legends bloodhound edition has been one of the best PlayStation games in ps4 you should definitely not miss. This game is about the fight for royal apex crown title. In this game, three teams come together and have to fight against other.

And at the end, those survive, will be a legend. Apex legends bloodhound edition ps4 is very similar to PUBG but different.

apex legends bloodhound edition ps4

Every player has unique characteristics and skills with mind-blowing abilities. At the same time, this gives you limited time to complete each event which makes your experiences more dynamic.

During the game, you will keep opting an option to customize your weapon, character which in turn enhance your fighting skill.

Suppose you are a PlayStation lover. This Apex legends bloodhound ps4 is the best PlayStation 4 games of all time for you, especially who has US and Europe login’s accounts.

Firstly, the physical copy comes with extra content later you are given access for digital download for pc use.

3. Control – (PS4)

Control ps4 video game has been well-earned game because of its shifting graphics, dense environment design, secret hunting, puzzles, storytelling in an unpredictable world.

control ps4 game review

If you are looking to buy any highly rated best ps4 games of all time at the best price, then I guess you should not miss control ps4 whose rating is 4.5/5.     

The games are designed around the mysterious government agency where the supernatural activity takes place inside the brutalist skyscraper by the paranormal world. And it has to be controlled.

You will experience exciting combat possibilities and advanced master complex ritual to alter your surrounding during the game.

4. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – (PS4)

Sekiro: shadows die twice is the best samurai game ever made with solid endgame content. You can call it synonyms of dark souls and bloodborne.

sekiro shadows die twice ps4 review

The glimpse of the game is all about an armed wolf who was saved from the edge of death. And now he is supposed to save a young lord who is the descendant of an ancient bloodline.          

Sooner you will be the target of sinister evils including the dangerous Ashina clan. When the young lord is caught up, you will be on a mission to bring your honour back without thinking any danger of death. This is what keeps you on moving unless you will succeed.

Sekiro shadow will experience you unique parrying system that turns every battle into a high-stakes tug-of-war where you repeatedly clash blades until you wear your opponent down and strike a finishing blow.

You can easily buy Sekiro shadows die twice online, or you can also download for android by visiting the website.

5. Death Stranding

Despite being a slow-paced game, the review of death stranding PlayStation 4 pro is something that makes you consider it one of the critical games in ps4 console. Everyone may not likely play it because of its massive action that’s why we have chosen to put it at 5 row in PlayStation exclusives of all time list.

death stranding ps4 review

The storyline of death stranding epic games is about “BT” a kind of alien who is extremely dangerous and wants to eat everyone alive in America to take over the country.

In this game, you step into shoes of the delivery guy who takes the super challenge to deliver (things carried by ship, etc.) from one location to another location to reconnect the shattered (community of people/all good people in the world) and deal with many dangerous scraps in an (after almost-world destruction that happened in the future) world through escorting packages.

This game has impressive genre-defying experiences you should not miss it out. You are highly advised to go with death stranding irrespective of its price.

6. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (Ps4 pro)

Star Wars Jedi: fallen order is another one of the best ps4 games in 2022. The story has been borrowed a bit from the god of war, tomb raider, uncharted and dark souls series.

star wars jedi fallen order ps4 review

It’s a complete package for people, looking for challenging combat and fun action-adventurous game in 2022.

Star Wars has got incredible graphics, story, mortal Kombat along with the great story. The actual intensity of every fight puts you in the characters shoes, which in turns gives you a feeling of star wars movie.

It visual and sound effects keep binding you and makes you never before seen star wars experience which has always had rich lore to explore.

7. Marvel S Spider-man – Playstation 4

Sony Marvels spider-man PS4 brings the thrill of never seen before web-slinging around the New york city.

marvel's spider-man - playstation 4

Characters like Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson and others make you all experience a new adventure like swinging between skyscrapers, running across the wall, web zipping and fights with these supervillains which refreshing the memories of childhood.

Be it decade old; it never loses its charisma. With the latest edition, this has been the game of the year. Along with, it has not just been essential but one of the best game ever made in the list of PlayStation.

You can find PS4 Slim Bundled with Spider-Man, GTaSport, Ratchet & Clank And PSN on amazon.

8. Judgement – (PS4 Games)

Judgement for ps4 doesn’t need to be introduced to those who have experienced Yakuza game series. Because they know this why this game is must have to be in the gaming library.

judgement ps4 review

Other than those who are new, judgement is a crime-solving game. This game comes up with high quality, cinematic visuals, problem-solving sequences and a giant amount of street combat.

If you are planning to buy ps4’s games at the best price. Then you will not regret purchasing this game.

The story of this games revolves around a lawyer who has turned into investigator because of some horrifying past which you will get to know while playing.

Here Lawyer investigating at the red light district in Japan to solve the murder mystery of Yakuza member who is being targeted.

9. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – (PS4)

Assassin’s creed odyssey epic game is designed around the Peloponnesian war. Alexios or Kassandra are two warriors who are on the journey as a mercenary to find their history in ancient Greece’s.

assassin's creed odyssey ps4 review

The conflict you go through during battle will be decided through the decision you take with multiple endings. Your super extraordinary warrior skills will help you for hidden treasure, the uncharted path in naval battles.

This PlayStation 4 game excites you on the different battle. Because it consists of more than 30 hrs content and will require you at least equivalent to that time to complete multiple endings, make sure you do not miss any of the levels.

10. NIOH Hits – PlayStation 4

Playstation 4 NIOH video game is inspired by dark souls and has been set up in Japan. When it moves ahead, it becomes the most challenging action RPGs genre game.

nioh ps4 review

The adventurous route, magical power and demons activity and dangerous path make you excite on a different level.

Although it’s been more than two years, it still worth to pick it up. As per the latest report, the developers are working hard on NIOH 2 ps4 game for pc.

And it might be released by the end of the year. But no official announcement yet happened.

11. Battlefield 1 Revolution Edition – PlayStation 4

Battlefield 1 revolution edition – PlayStation 4 contains great content & provides piteous and extraordinary single-player setup. It has 6 section where all offers different characters and front line location.

battlefield 1 ps4 review

In-spite of having multiplayer mode, the single-player feeds so nicely. Being an impressive graphics, and adventurous level along with the latest weapons, fighter vehicle too will keep you on exciting at each level.

When you first purchase this battlefield one base game, then it comes in physical discs. However, you will have access to DLC download. It is highly recommended not to miss this ps4 game if you are a single player lover.

12. Bloodborne – (Ps4)

Despite having many software’s enigmatic and notoriously challenging souls which are highly acclaimed by fans and critics review, but none of them is as impressive as the quasi-industrial era bloodborne (ps4).

bloodborne ps4 review

The software has dense urban areas and the latest weapon. It also shows magic power from the use of the blood; all can be transformed between two modes to have additional utility in the fight.

Bloodborne gameplay is a series of immensely popular RPG series which is known for adventurous world and combat.

Out of 3 games in this series (recently, Sekiro: shadows die twice is one of them ), this turns to be the best genre of PlayStation 4 in the limited price range.

13. PlayStation Until Dawn – (Ps4)

Until dawn is one of the different level experience where you have to decide either the main characters are dead or alive.

until dawn ps4 review

The unique experiences you will have while playing this game is like never seen before until dawn game must-have into your gaming library for PC.

This game is all about experimenting character’s relationship that you have to keep on measuring through characters behaviour and conversation. Besides, it came out years ago, but the feeling is still rare as if you have never seen before.

14. The Last of Us Remastered Hits – PlayStation 4

Unlike Horizon Zero Dawn or God of War, it seems to be little dated since it released. However, the remastered title version has brought a spark to ignite your excitement.

the last of us remastered ps4 review

Improved resolution and frame rate and performances make it as one of the best game that stands with today’s genre in PlayStation 4.

As per rumours and speculation, the long-awaited sequel might be released by this year. Nevertheless, this makes an excellent time to play the original.

I remember this seemed to be the one complex form of video game we have come across and had a blastic impact on the world.

Explore the relationship between Joel and Ellie characters who are on job post-pandemic. Survivors are killing each other for food and weapons. And infected are running toward wildlife.

15. Dark Souls Remastered – PlayStation 4

In the series of PlayStation 4 games, dark souls have been a fire and fast with the latest improvement from its original release.

dark souls remastered ps4 review

Dark souls are one of the best and highest critically acclaimed genre-defining game will experience you hundreds of different weaponry’s combination armour, magic, and crafting that helps you to create your own gaming experience.

The principal significance of this game genre is, it’s more challenging compared to bloodborne. If you love the fast-paced, tough and rewarding game, then this meant for you.

Because, with the minimum usage of shields, it add more gaming’s experiences that you never had. In my personal opinion, you should at least try this game once if you are a PlayStation lover.

16. Twisted Metal: Head-on, Extra Twisted Edition

Twisted is the game people mostly arrived to buy in the line of this series under budget for pc or android mobile phone. This is one of the deal you can’t beat, no matter if you are old or new.

twisted metal head on extra twisted edition

This unit has traumatized many of us as kids due to its fast, smooth, deemed quality though. It has powerful advanced combo such as rear fire, freeze missile, which makes you capable of disabling the competitor.

You can easily control and enhance your vehicle power and performances of weapon.

17. R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 – Playstation (PS1)

Comparatively gran Turismo, r4: ridge racer type 4 is the best PlayStation 1 game of all time in car racing genre which has the highly smooth response and fast track along with a great version in terms of its features like analog control & vibration function compatible.

r4 ridge racer type 4 ps1

Its has got an arcade-style progression system, excellent graphics and ambitious, a driven campaign that will make you feel unforgettable experiences.

Although PlayStation has many version of racing games. Still, Ridge Racer Type 4 has always been rare and better ps1 adventure games than any other version of racing games of PlayStation. Also different sides of any game like such as GT2.

18. Tekken 3 – Playstation

If you are an enthusiastic lover of fighting games. Then Tekken 3 is one of the best fighting game of all time with the highest review. This Tekken 3 retro games are highly acclaimed and can be easily found in every gamer’s library.

tekken 3 playstation game

The centre point of this game is that it gives you typical 3d look due to highly comprehensive 3d characteristics graphics and one on one 2d dimensional combat experiences.

You can learn this game with ease. It’s enabled special feature allows you to executed every combat and control special moves in your pc quickly.

It gives you an option to choose multiple modes of play and has beautiful animated post-script for each fighter.

19. Final Fantasy VII Remake – PlayStation 4 Deluxe Edition

Those who have played final fantasy vii special edition, they will agree that final fantasy vii is still the best.

Before final fantasy vii, many audiences had never experienced such an imaginative world and complicated and detailed stories and vibrant graphics. The Japanese role-playing game was only prevalent gaming genre.

final fantasy vii remake ps4 game

Later final fantasy vii was introduced. Initially, it was very tough to support this vast gaming in terms of the story of final fantasy vii & its features in the gaming world and also the dimension movement was complicated then due to design.

To get rid of this problem, the disc system came into existence, the primary function of this system to support such massive full of 3d graphics, motion videos and choral music.

Final fantasy vii special edition become a massive hit and synonyms of JRPGs for almost a decade. Later on, PlayStation has been the only system for this to establish as a game.

Today PlayStation wouldn’t have existed without final fantasy vii if then, final fantasy would not be without PlayStation.

20. Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy Bundle – Playstation 4

Crash bandicoot has been one of best, top-selling and hit game in the gaming world. It will make your experience of tropical island adventure and treacherous enemies on a different level.

crash bandicoot n sane trilogy ps4

The best part of this game is, it doesn’t matter whether you are young or old. It still amazes with its features. You can also play crash bandicoot on android phone.

In the gaming world, you can skip mentioning crash bandicoot when it comes to the best Sony PlayStation game ever had.

The different version and level designed in this game still might be challenging for today’s players. It is generally compared with Nintendo’s Super Mario 64. On amazon, even today, it is hardly available because of huge demand.

If you like this article on best PlayStation exclusives of all time, then do comment below. You can give suggestion, ideas and more to make this article more fresh and relevant.

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